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Blog recommendations

July 8, 2009

And now to the blog entries. Some of these are individual blogs, where as others are collections. Please comment on those you like (or dislike) as the contributors have taken the time to both pen and submit them. They will be listed in no particular order:

@Recruitingfreak  (Team USA)

I’ve included this first because he wrote it especially for the Carnival. You will find a collection of blogs on the site, covering all things recruitment. I particularly enjoy the clear passion he has for recruiting and helping others. Enjoy!

@Thesourceress  (Team GB)

The sourceress is an eco-recruiter. Not some kind of hippy (although I’m sure there are tendencies), but a recruiter that combines a genuine concern for the environment with a career recruiting for the eco sector. Blogs on a whole range of subjects, usually involving cheese! This blog is comprehensive and advises job seekers on the best use of Linked In


This collection comes from the appropriately named Career Essentials from Resume Wonders. It’s a thought diary that gives some simple but great tips by @ResumeWonders. I think (team USA)


These guys pop up on my tweetdeck on a regular basis. The advice they give in 140 characters is simple and easy to follow, but strikes a real chord. The website follows the same theme, and has some great resources. (Team USA)

You can also find their blog, with day to day views on interviewing at the following link:


The Twitter Snapshot

July 8, 2009

I asked my network for their top 3 tips to share with you. You will see some common themes. It seems that good advice is good advice wherever it comes from. I have listed the twitter names, so please follow those that have given their thoughts to help. I’ll be posting a few each day so be sure to keep checking back!


@ kjoneskc: Arrogance, overconfidence, bad manners, and sloppy attire are mistakes that no interviewee can afford to make.

@ kjoneskc: Gathering background information on employers is a crucial element in successful interview preparation.

@ kjoneskc: Make sure your interview attire is neat, tidy and appropriate for the type of firm you are interviewing with.

@ kjoneskc: When discussing your career accomplishments match them to what the company is looking for.

@ Mr_Linkedin: Ensure profile is full of good ‘keywords’, make sure you put means of contact in profile (tel & email), and join plenty of relevant groups

Career Carnival

July 8, 2009

As a recruiter of 27 years, I was delighted to host Career Carnival this week. Historically, the problem when job seeking has been where to get good information that will help you in your “search for the holy grail”. The problem in the age of Web 2.0 is quite the opposite. Even your local pet parlour has a blog with an opinion on how to get a job. Who do you trust?

My advice is to find the right bloggers that you like and can relate to. People with experiences you can relate to. If you have specific questions or have problems with any aspect of the job search, post them somewhere. You will quickly find out who is only out to push a product or service on you, and who is willing to help. Most “expert” career advisors, recruiters, coaches and social media commentators are desperate to showcase their talents, knowledge and services. Remember that this is how they win business and market themselves – potential customers like their answers and think “I’ll have a look at this guy”. Use this to your advantage to get the help and guidance you need to sharpen your job search.

In compiling Career Carnival, I’ve collected together links to blogs that I think are worth looking at under a whole range of headings. I’ve also used twitter to conduct a snap shot poll, asking career experts for their top tips for job seekers. Needless to say they were forthcoming and the results will be listed over the coming weeks!  The contributors are listed by their twitter name, be sure to follow them and you will get lots of blogs, links and advice.

I have also collected a range of media from around the world.  You can read, print, listen to audio or watch video, whatever suits you best.

Best of luck in your search, it might seem tough out there but things are definitely picking up. Redundant executives have used the opportunity to move sectors and re-train; to do something they really want to do. There are still plenty of skill shortages out there. When you get in touch with an expert you might discover you have hidden skills that you think are ordinary but will make you stand out. A Picasso is always a Picasso whatever the market.

What is clear is that work won’t come to you; you will need to work at marketing yourself to get ahead of the race. Nothing complicated but follow the advice contained here. They call it “work” because you have to do some if you want to get anywhere!

Thanks to all the contributors who dedicate their time to helping others plot the right course. Find what you like, use it and keep an open mind to new suggestions.

Best of luck, it’s the best time to be looking with market recovery on the way!


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